Our Services

The company runs very effective office management and recruitment systems conducive to producing qualified manpower pool.

Trans Overseas specializes in deploying highly skilled workers and experienced professionals in the field of but not limited to :


  • Technical – Engineers, IT Professionals, Architects
  • Mechanical – Engineers, Automotive technicians, Electricians,
    Painters, Auto-denters
  • Health & Medical – Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapist, Dental Assistants,
    Caregiver, Midwives
  • Hospitality/Catering – Hotel Staff, Chefs, Restaurant Staff, Fast Food Crew
  • Finance/Administration – Sales Staff, Secretaries, Accountants, Office Staff,
    Account Managers
  • Heavy Equipment Operators – Trailer Drivers, Backhoe Operators, Crane
    Operators, Dump Truck Drivers, Bulldozer, Grader Operators
  • Mechanics – Hydraulic Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Curtain Makers, Tailors, Beauticians, Upholsterer

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment of workers is done through various means. Besides a continuous manpower pooling, advertisements are placed in different newspapers, TV ads depending on the targeted workers; networking is utilized whereby contacts are established with various institutions, schools or companies that train or have such workers available; site sourcing is done to entice workers into working abroad for better pay and utilizing government’s Public Employment Services Office and various overseas employment industry associations. In addition, workers refer family, friends and co-workers and after completing their contracts, these same workers come back and apply once more. And should the need arise, provincial recruitment and site sourcing can also be arranged.

After the recruitment process, selection of the final workers is made either by the clients or his representative, or by Trans Overseas Manpower Services, Inc. (TOMSI). In the latter case, the client must provide a job description in order that a match is made. A skills or trade test, may also be given at the client’s preference.


All selected workers are required to submit their passport, NBI (Police Clearance), photos and undergo medical and psychological examinations, Furthermore, some positions may also require various authentications of school and work records. TOMSI can help facilitate all these documentation.

Departure Assistance

All travel arrangements are coordinated form booking, retrieving and issuance of prepaid tickets until departure. Purchase of tickets locally at low prices can also be arranged.

Post-Departure Services

TOMSI can help mediate between clients and workers should problems or disputes arise. Same also, for emergencies when workers would need to contact their families in the Philippines.

Vacationing Workers And Rehires

Workers who are on vacation in the Philippines are assisted in booking their return air tickets, departure processing at the POEA, and even visa extension if these have expired. This is also true for those workers who will be hired or will extend employment. TOMSI will coordinate all these but should there be costs involved, either the clients or the worker will shoulder this.

Clients may also use the services of TOMSI to send PTA’s or purchase of tickets for vacationing and rehires to ensure actual return of these workers to work. This is to avoid cases where the workers who change their mind about returning to their employees don’t bother to send back the unused portion of the ticket which is a great loss of the clients.